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Welcome to The Illustrative Violet

If you are not yet too familiar with the sounds of The Illustrative Violet, then let us be among the first to introduce you as the band has recently released a five song EP that's all completely live and gives an outlandish and bright progressive rock sound along with a series of brilliantly executed intricacies in their exceptional performance.

It's outstanding how some of the songs on this record could get heavy in a way but still have such a vibrant rock compression.

Pretty much everything from the drumming, bass, keys, and guitars are breathtaking in a way and you never know what's going to happen from one moment to the next with some of these tracks.

This record exudes a certain kind of magnetism and for people that play guitar or keys, drummers or bassists, yes, this is going to be something you have to hear and when you do, you're still going to be blown away.

These guys use all kinds of effects and delays that let the songs have a forward moving flow and the whole thing has a way of engulfing you.

I only wish this record were longer because I could jam to this for hours.

You probably won't even believe that it's live when you hear it because it's such a tight performance.

This was obviously a passion project from the beginning and all these guys just needed an excuse to do their thing so forming this band must have been the perfect excuse.

"When we started out, we were more of an indie/math rock band with even a bit of an alternative edge. As time went on, we still retained those elements, but our sound became more psychedelic and progressive. Nowadays we even have elements of Jazz Fusion and Metal to our music, but you can say that the style that has always been a core part of our sound since the beginning would be Progressive Rock or “Prog”. Also, we started out as guitar, bass, keyboards and drums but nowadays and on this EP, we have two guitars, drums, and our keyboardist plays synth bass as well, adding a different dynamic than many of our previous recordings" - The Illustrative Violet

The EP is dubbed Live From The Mandala and it is certainly something you should be listening to instead of reading this right now.

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