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An Honest and Beautiful EP from Shay Wolf

A gorgeous new EP release from Shay Wolf delivers a very personal and honest approach with lyrics that can be descriptive enough for you to paint vivid pictures in your head and while all the songs are very emotionally driven and incredibly orchestrated, it's that character that you end up holding on to through this entire release.

The Stay EP comes through as a strong singer-songwriter record that's delivered with Incredible piano performances along with strings and other elements that bring a lusher and vaster atmosphere to the table, and everything feels cinematic and can really get intense at times, so you are engulfed in this record as soon as you start listening.

There's something about this record that comes through so authentic and genuine especially in the performance because the whole thing feels like it's done live on the floor and the energy that you're feeling on the record is in the moment and this is something that helps deliver that beautiful aesthetic that it does.

You have everything from acoustic guitar to strained instruments, and more that end up floating through the ether of some of these songs along with some live drums here and there but it all comes through with such a natural flow that you end up getting wrapped up in it all and eventually washed away with it as well.

The cool thing about this record is that the first couple of tracks really hold the same kind of approach and feel while the second two tracks grow into different places, and I love that the final track on the record called "Deeper" comes through with such a full-bodied approach but still has that emotional drive and that character built in.

This was a beautiful record that feels like some of the songs were very cathartic for Shay to write and record but for the listener, it can be very relatable which is something that really forms a connection.

Songs like the title track from the record, "Stay" can cause memories of your own to pop into your head because they're that understandable and at times it feels like some of these tracks could serve as obviously these all serve as chapters for Shay's.

Records like this deliver a certain breed of honesty where the artist just wears their heart on their sleeve and puts it out to the world so that the listener can soak it in however, they want and that's the beauty of music like this.

You relate to songs to your own life and even though they're not yours, they still feel like they were written just for you in a way.

The artist recently released an instrumental version of the EP which also bears a lot of beauty and intensity of course but just without the vocals and when you listen to it that way it's somehow just as cinematic.

I am certainly going to be keeping an eye out for whatever else maybe coming from Shay Wolf and when you listen to this EP, I suggest you listen to the whole thing which is only four tracks long so I'm sure you have the time.

Listening to this record in full is the proper way to soak it in and doing it with headphones is my suggestion on top of that because then you can really hear all the elements.

A beautifully woven EP from an artist that I'm looking forward to hearing more from.

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