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RAG Artist Spin Package

The Recording Artists Guild has been working with artists and bands for over 11 years and we've been promoting to Spotify playlists, blogs, review sites, radio of all kinds. Our packages are not your normal "PR" campaigns. 

We build things up properly and put together any missing pieces in order to promote and get actual results. From professional EPK's, to biography, and presentation to rights and ownership for our artists, we make sure you have everything in place before we go at it. 

Here is what you get:


Making sure you own the rights to your music is important for an artist or a band. 

Most artists don't realize that just because it's been distributed to streaming services does NOT mean it has been registered with a Performance Rights Organization. 

We will get you properly registered with P.R.O.'s so you can own the rights to your music and collect royalties for any air play received. 


Out team of writers will have a professional bio and press release written for you. 

Our press releases are personal, colorful and show your character as a band or artist. 

We also build a web based, interactive EPK that we use to pitch your music. 

Presentation is key when submitting to reviews and music blogs especially. 


Once we're done getting the songs registered, the press release is written, the EPK is built, and you've approved everything, we start our campaigning. 

We start by hitting relevant Spotify playlists , then begin with music review and blog sites, and even hit radio of all kinds including College FM, internet, and satellite. 

If you want to get your release to more ears, you need to go from all angles. 

Submit Your Music 

We always want to make sure the music we pitch to our relationships and more, is going to work. Please submit your single, EP, or album to us so we can listen and let you know if it is something we can definitely work with and get results. 

Please email us with your Spotify, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp link along with any additional information you may have to

We'll go through it and get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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