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Aimee Jo Drops a Wonderfully Addictive EP

A new EP release from Aimee Jo manages to touch on several different songwriting approaches within a three-song spectrum and incredibly, they all flow together so well it's unbelievable.

The Over the Moon EP is lush with gorgeous instrumentation and progressions that range from indie pop and almost subtle and contemporary rock to soul-pop and so much more all rolled into one record but what really grabs at you is the character that's delivered throughout these songs because that's what you end up getting attached to.

Some of the tracks are very detailed lyrically to the point where you can almost vividly picture things in your head as the song plays out while others feel very personal, and this gives you a sense of honesty coming from the artist that at times you rarely see these days so when you hear it it's very refreshing which is what this release is. This is completely refreshing.

These songs have a liveliness to them, and it lets Aimee Jo show her presence as an artist and it shines.

The first track of the three is the title track and this is one of my favorite tracks simply because it's got this great pop element to it, it's shiny, it feels good and even has a sort of dreamy ambience and its underbelly.

What hits me is the performance on this track in particular because it feels almost like it's done live on the floor where everyone involved is feeding off of each other the whole time and this gives the song the feeling of being alive and breathing and its own way.

This track definitely delivers a great chorus that sticks with you for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

The next track is called "Bad for Me" which is one of the songs that delivers a particular breed of honesty and soul to go right along with it.

This is the soul-pop single from the record and it works like a charm because it's performed with heart, and it has a way of blending this classic or vintage style of songwriting and bringing it into a new and fresh approach which I love because that combination really comes through impactful.

This track feels orchestrated and was put together with a lot of attention to detail but still never loses that heart, soul, or character that it started with in the first place.

The last track is called "Sad Girl Song" and this one comes through as more of an acoustic pop type of track, and you still get this great honesty in the lyrics but it's delivered with a great groove and a colorful feel so it becomes very addictive.

I absolutely adore a track that gives this level of honesty so that the artist gives pieces of herself throughout it, but also has this kind of upswing to it and in a way feels good to listen to.

Also, an amazing combination right there.

This whole record gives off an authentic vibe and it's something that lets Aimee give the kind of performances she wants to so all in all, you have something with charisma, heart, and honesty that blends and bends genres that free will and still manages to connect seamlessly.

You can easily hear any of these songs on any radio station out there right now because they all have this great polish, they were all mixed and produced super well, and they have a spark to them that turns your head and makes you pay attention to the song even in mid-conversation.

And outstanding and well-woven EP release from Aimee Jo

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