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The Warming and personal Sounds of Tarras

A new single release from Tarras brings out a unique and personal folk undertone that has a way of filling the air around you with memories and emotion as the track manages to paint a vivid picture with a beautifully woven arrangement and tonality.

"Wonder" features a gorgeous guitar section and lyrics that grab you and hold on so yu pay close attention right from the get-go for the most part. The song also just feels emotionally driven or like it came from someplace real which is a huge part of why its so addictive really.

This is the type of music that you want to come from someplace real and Tarras manages to pull this off without a hitch.

The single feels good to listen to as piano notes fill the air and a wave of positive and imaginative ponder lets you relate to it.

We all have someone that we wonder about. What they feel inside, what they feel when they close their eyes. It could be about a daughter, a song, a wife, a girl, a boy, it doesn't matter really. The point is that we all have someone too. So, this lets the song crawl under your skin in the best ways. and this is exactly what causes those memories to pop into your head as you're listening to the song unfold.

The release is performed with a lively heart and a passion for the craft that is clear and evident straight away and it all feels like a warm hug from a loved one.

It lets you just sort of wash away with the sounds and lets your emotions run free. That may be the main thing with this track. It has this amazingly freeing feeling to it. You feel better after hearing it.

It's colorful and that warmth stays with you for hours.

"Wonder" is part of a full EP release from Tarras coming January 1st on all outlets and the rest of the EP is just as good as the single.

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