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A Classic Pop-Punk Single from Science Made us Robots

A new single release from Science Made Us Robots delivers a classic pop-punk approach with a little bit of extra edginess embedded in its veins and it comes through with quite a punch and an energy that becomes quickly addicting along with this color and attitude that makes it catchy and fun at the same time.

"Wasted Night" has some outstanding guitar tones and riffs that harmonize, great breakdowns, and the drumming is stellar the entire time adding that extra drive to the track to help push that envelope where it needs to be.

This is unbelievably catchy, and that chorus really does stick with you because it happens enough times to really make an impact and you find yourself singing along with this track by the last round.

This is a fun, fists in the air banger that encompasses everything classic pop punk should and more by hitting all the sweet spots that you would expect from the genre and adding this sort of swagger and character to everything.

There is such a great youthful feel and approach to this track that gives it that extra energy boost and for me it's a bit nostalgic because I grew up listening to a lot of pop punk and other kinds of punk to be honest.

This single and this band definitely can fix in on this great, bright but hard-hitting pop-punk aesthetic that I've come to know and love for so long.

Sounds like this really becomes infectious quickly and if you listen to it first thing in the morning it'll give you this energetic state of mind like you could take anything on.

This is mostly because of the performance on this track but it also has that youthful cry out, like I said before. The whole track is about not wanting to waste a night.

It's something anyone can relate his with to a certain extent, but it really is meant for a younger generation of people and knowing that you have this night so, you just don't want to waste it.

That's kind of the anthemic undertone that this track creates.

Let's not waste our time, let's make the most of it instead and do something memorable that sticks with us.

I love a good punk song with an honest meaning and authenticity behind it and this track delivers all of that and more.

Everything about it has this same flowing kind of energy where the drums are pounding, the guitars are thrashing, and the vocals are delivering these memorable melodies but in a robust and bountiful sort of way.

This is for anyone who loves real-deal pop punk with that hint of a harder edge underneath its surface and raw energy that you know packs the right kind of punch and meant something to the band when they did it.

Turn this one way up and you'll definitely find yourself either dancing around the living room, head-banging along, or singing with the chorus in no time flat.

This track feels great to listen to.

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