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Robert Carl Delivers a Unique Set of Songs

The latest release from Robert Carl has a very cinematically driven feel and approach that lets each song have a mind of its own and the experimental undertone lets everything sit in a space that feels avant-garde but still somewhat familiar.

The Infinity Avenue EP consists of six different pieces of music and each one takes you to a different world and a different place altogether with an eclectic set of instrumentation and performances that feel like you're sitting down and watching an orchestra or group of musicians play them.

This is definitely the type of record that you listen to all the way through from beginning to end because if you don't then you're not getting any of the full spectrum that it has to offer, and this is important because this is a somewhat experimental classical set of songs that all have characteristics of things that you would hear in the scene of a film.

Certain tracks are a little darker and haunting even a touch scary at times while other ones bring a different tone symphonically but with every single track here you're getting something a little bit different although they all have a confluence between them that seems to connect them all almost like you are actually watching a movie.

Some of the instruments performed on this record range from trombone, guitar, cello, glockenspiel lap steel, and more so if you can only imagine for a second the range of sounds and textures, vibes and moods, and the many approaches that you may get listening to this you still aren't coming close to what this record actually provides.

Listening to something like this makes me feel like Robert had a blast just putting the stuff together and I find it amazing when a composer and an artist like this can bring people together to create these kinds of atmospheres with him because I think that takes a lot of effort.

On top of that, I can't even imagine how something may sound in his head before they are brought to fruition and how close the actual tracks came out to the way they sounded in his brain.

These are the kinds of things that astound me about composers for example, but Robert Carl isn't just your average composer. He creates in a way that's outside the box and builds atmospheres that you sort of get engulfed in.

This to me is endlessly fun and I feel like people like Robert are sort of free-spirited in the way of music so he's just creating what he wants to with no walls built around it.

That sort of freedom is what real art is all about and Robert Carl encompasses that perfectly.

Have a deep dive into this record when you get a chance and do so with headphones on because it's the best way to listen to it in all honesty.

You will easily get soaked into this avant-garde and inventively experimentally EP.

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