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Glass Farm Ensemble Drops a Lush Album

A new release from Glass Farm Ensemble brings out a very special and particular breed of orchestrated and at times, jazz undertone sounds that have different influences peek through at different times.

The Niew Amsterdam New York album is one big opus of a piece of music that consists of everything from violin to piano, bassoon, and more but it all has this great approach that brings color to the songs and mood along with it.

This has more of a contemporary sort of classical approach to it and it's done by way of having a certain kind of theme behind it and purpose as well.

"When the Dutch founded Nieuw Amsterdam in the 17th century, they provided the impetus for the growth of a city that shared many values of its model. The multitude of languages, ethnicities and nationalities, as well as an atmosphere of religious tolerance, made for an astounding uniqueness of the place that would later become New York City. This thread of intense energy connects Amsterdam and New York to this day." - Glass Farm Ensemble

The cool thing about this record is that it's composed and performed from these regions along with other European countries.

So, this is a very eclectic record in terms of culture, and background, and this is part of what makes everything come through with such a beautiful lushness to it.

The way everything comes together is absolutely gorgeous and the songs are comprised of these textures that lend complement to each other, and the piano work to me, is the most outstanding part of it all because it's done with such intricacy with such life and heart.

This was such a fun end consuming album because even though a lot of these segments go together there are moods and vibes that you just get caught up in.

Certain pieces are only a minute long While others spend to almost 13 minutes at times.

Either way, you're getting something that has depth to it and has a rich backbone that it thrives off of and I think that it's so impactful to have a record released with that sort of purpose and cultural importance to it.

You can tell everyone involved had an amazing time doing their thing and that everyone has a love for their craft in terms of their instrument performances but also in terms of being a part of a composed piece or pieces of music that create a different experience for the listener.

This was a robust and in-depth release from Glass Farm Ensemble that you should check out as soon as you get a chance.

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