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The massive and ever-changing sounds of the Star Prairie Project

The latest album release from The Star Prairie Project is an outstanding and unique free fall into a number of pop sub genres and much more all rolled into one cinematic and powerful record that takes you on quite a fun musical journey.

The Shine a Little Light album completely nails everything from folk rock, Americana, indie-pop, alternative rock, and tons more and does it all with a warming undertone that feels almost anthemic and impactful constantly.

The one thing we know for sure is that this band knows exactly how to write one hell of a chorus as most of these songs will end up getting stuck bounding around your head for ages.

The guitar work on this record is awesome and everything is influenced by something completely different song wise, so you get this whole palette of songs that go through all these various textures and tones, and it all feels so filling.

You can clearly hear the amount of fun these players have doing their thing.

The love for the craft comes through with a shining light on basically every single track and this isn't a short record whatsoever.

The songs work as singles but all together as a whole album, it's almost like a concept album.

It's completely refreshing and has more surprises than you may be able to handle. But, let's find out shall we?

Dive on into this record when you and crank it. You'll be pleasantly surprised how it changes your drive home from work.

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