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The Living Ghosts Inspiring and Uplifting Premier

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A killer new single from The Living Ghosts comes through as a melodic rock single that has a positive tone to it with uplifting and honest lyrics that really have an impact.

"Dreams Of Oceans" is a powerful and perfected song that features alternative rock and pop-punk undertones to along with some great lead guitar work and belting vocals that are sung out with passion and heart.

And that's the thing. The song has edginess but it's so empowering and has a person-to-person message to it.

Get off your ass and just do it. Love your life right. Spread love. It's all in there and it's accompanied with shredding guitars, and experimental undertones that lurk just beneath the surface and the guys really have a great time making it happen.

You can hear that in the song itself as keys play out a catchy hook during the breakdowns.

It's completely refreshing and fells awesome to crank loud.

The music video shows even more of the bands presence and character.

But don't take our word for it. Watch for yourself.

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