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The Impliers - Lonely Meets The Lonely

Dan and Charles, longtime collaborators since their teenage years, continue to weave their music under the moniker The Impliers, garnering early acclaim in their native North Carolina with their debut effort, "Cocoon." 

Now poised for a sophomore release titled "The Magic - Pt. One," the duo teases listeners with a string of singles, among them the infectious "Lonely Meets The Lonely." Embracing a distinct 80s pop aesthetic tinged with shades of Mac Demarco and Ariel Pink, "Lonely Meets The Lonely" unfolds as a lush synth pop sound, propelled by a steady 4/4 beat and adorned with shimmering horns, bass, and guitar. 

Noteworthy are the standout vocals, ranging from ethereal falsettos to playful vocoder effects reminiscent of Daft Punk's signature sound. Accompanying the track is a visually engaging music video, serving up a delightful dose of irony and humor that complements the song's whimsical charm. Through caricatured portrayals and tongue-in-cheek scenarios, the video offers a satirical take on suburban life, with Charles's unexpected clarinet cameo adding an extra layer of comedic flair. While the dialogue could benefit from subtitles for clarity, the inclusion of a Larry Bird lookalike and cleverly crafted credits add to the video's overall appeal.

As The Impliers continue to explore new sonic territories, one can't help but wonder if their upcoming album will maintain this playful aesthetic or venture into other genres. Regardless, "Lonely Meets The Lonely" proves to be a standout track, with its infectious melodies and witty visuals leaving a lasting impression. With both musical prowess and comedic sensibilities on full display, The Impliers showcase a promising trajectory that merits further exploration.

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