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The Hashi is Here to rock in every way possible

The brand new Family Jewels EP from The Hashi some hard hitting pop punk with an alternative rock edge.

The record is comprised of some killer riffs and all the right attitude. Songs showcase some ultra addictive hooks and choruses and do it all with a bit of a 90's alter grunge undertone.

Think Pennywise meets Local H and sprinkled on just a touch of The Offspring at times.

This is a driving, high octane record but still keeps true to it's catchy songwriting style.

That's pretty tough to pull off. Keeping those crash symbols smashing, keeping those riffs on high distortion, keeping that bass tone punk as hell, and keeping those vocals with the right amount of grit and style and STILL keeping things pop.

The EP is 3 songs but goddamn is it fun. This record won't let up for a half second and the raw energy of it is quite addictive.

These guys know how to write a song that keeps with you later on too. You'll be whistling sections hours later in the day.

A 3 track record with all of them playlist worthy. Check out The Hashi if you love grunge, rock, punk, alt-rock...just check them out.

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