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The Genuine Groove Rock Of L.A. Mood

A new album release from L.A. Mood brings out an insanely danceable and endlessly fun rock fueled soiree that comes with loads of character, a steady flow of swagger, and classic rock influence just dripping from its approach and songwriting.

The A Printout of The Sun album is a welcoming and conically driving record bundled with a sweet set of warming tones and psychedelia embedded in its veins.

This record boasts a series of fuzztone deep grooves that will absolutely get your ass shaking within seconds flat and you won't really expect them until you get halfway through the record. Once you get there, you start to understand that these guys are gonna do whatever they feel and it's going to grab at you until you bite.

Just get up and dace. It's best to succumb to the grooves and the rock flavor that comes of sweet and vibrant with a rainbow of classic rock aesthetic that washes you over.

This is for real deal, genuine rock lovers out there because it's got such an authentic feel to it that it's tough to deny it's vivid imagination and attention to detail.

The record has a lot of outstanding guitar work that comes through subtle but showcases some catchy hooks and tasteful performing and that goes along with the drumming and walking bass lines that all sit just under the vocals which shine with that swagger and style.

It's cool because you get this sort of 90's rock vibe from it at times but a bit more experimental riff wise and production wise as well.

The best part of everything is really the heart that was put into this thing. You can hear it with every single note, and you know they had a blast laying this down and creating an atmosphere that everyone at every party out there could love and get into.

Jive with this record when you can, it's worth it.

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