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The Crosshairs Get Ready for A New Single Release

A brand-new single from The Crosshairs delivers a very warm and almost cinematic pop-rock that blends a classic '90s rock undertone with hints of post-punk and all of this delivers quite a character that you end up getting attached to by the end of the song.

"Nosebleed" certainly has a few surprises around the corners and has this sort of vastness in its undertone as well and this is part of that cinematic backbone that I mentioned earlier because the riff itself feels welcoming but there are also elements about the track that make it feel like it could easily be in the scene of a film.

The vocals do a great job of delivering just the right energy in balance with the music itself and the whole thing has the air of a live performance in a way because although everything is mixed it's very well, it's the way the band is performing that gives you that feel almost like they're feeding off of each other the entire time.

There is something about this track that feels nostalgic to me as well and the song feels like it could have been used as the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life at some point and this is an awesome connection to have in any kind of music.

The guitar tone and the ref itself, the way the drumming is done, and even the vocals how they sit atop everything in the mix, and how they tell a story melodically all remind me of music I listened to growing up.

I feel like there are elements of bands like The Cure and The Smiths along with other bands of that nature and for these guys to capture that aesthetic so well is incredible.

Of course, the song reaches outside of those boundaries and does it well but that feeling is in its underbelly and that for me, is why I got pulled into it so quickly, but it did a great job of keeping me right where it wanted to.

I love how everyone in the band was able to take a little bit of their own influence and put it into the mix so that you have something that does indeed come through with this warmth, but it also takes that color and that hint of edginess and blends it all together to give you something that has it's on atmosphere in a way.

This track has a way of bouncing around in your head for hours or even days after it's ended and, in my opinion, speaks volumes for the crosshairs themselves as a band.

Upon listening to this track, I had to take it upon myself to check out their previous releases which were both released last year at singles, and they're both outstanding and also showcase this sort of staple sound that the band has.

Now, "Nosebleed" releases on March 1st which gives you today to listen to those singles on their Spotify page which I strongly suggest you do because if you like either one of those or both, you going to love this new track.

This is a band that has a lot to give, and their production is super clean and polished, but their performance is on the songs all have heart and give off this youthful undertone that you just want to hold on to forever.

Check out The Crosshairs as soon as you can and then on March 1st, look out for the new single.

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