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A Vast and Colorful Single from Fantomacs

Fresh single from Fantomacs hits an incredibly smooth but colorful groove and is sure to get your butt moving in your seat or dancing around your living room in no time flat with its cross of a sort of lounge and contemporary vibe with a sort of dance-pop element of that adds a little bit of excitable energy to the track as well but the whole thing does certainly have this mellow overtone but never loses that great danceable feel.

"Emphasis" has a fun and lush soundscape that blends digital and natural instrumentation of all sorts, and this adds these layers of texture to the song which in turn, builds this beautiful atmosphere and once you're in there, you certainly don't want to leave.

There is something refreshing and breezy about this track but there are also elements of ambience in its undertone giving it a certain kind of vastness but without losing that color.

One of the things I love about this track is the sheer fact that you know there was a lot of attention to detail during its creation but throughout all that and never loses this kind of character that it develops along the way which may be the most important part of it all.

This song has the ability for you to create these images that you see vividly in your head or even have memories of your own spark up but either way, I think this sort of connection is a unique one especially when it comes to music.

This track feels good to listen to and gives off these positive vibes that you end up latching on to and after a little bit of time, the song ends up wrapping itself around you and just keeping you right where it wants to.

I also love how there are little elements of noir or the air of mystery that peek through during the track and the rhythm gives off a deep-rooted groove.

The combination of key and synth sounds is a real big element during this track, and you can tell that this was produced with a lot of love for the craft which is something you can just hear in the music itself.

Fantomacs is an artist and producer who breeds these atmospheric and almost cinematic songs in all different styles and I know this because once I heard this track I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into previous releases and I'm certainly glad that I did because there's tons of material released under his belt since 2019 on Spotify each one showing a little bit of a different side of the songwriting, some are full albums just fine tunes and others have more depth to them as well.

There's something for everyone in this catalog and it consists of a number of albums and single releases throughout the years which tells you that this is someone who loves being in the studio and recording.

That's where he is in his zone or his sweet spot if you will and being in that happy place doing his thing is why the music comes out with fewer boundaries than the norm or then what you may be used to but still has these great catchy elements and moments throughout the songs.

If I were you, I would start with this single and work your way back because there are several released last years that are outstanding along with a few albums in 2022 that really show the different sides of the producer as a songwriter and as a person.

Check this out when you can and do it with headphones on because with this song in particular there's a lot of stuff floating around in there that you want to hear and to soak it all in properly headphones in my opinion, is the best way to do it.

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