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Riley John's Atelophobia EP will have you deep in thought

A new EP release from songwriter Riley John reaches into the deep dark parts of you with emotional pull and anthemic neo-folk tracks with growing intensity.

The Atelophobia EP boasts massive soundscapes bot up close and personal, and ambient all with a driving personal storytelling perspective.

You can hear southern songwriting approach peek through in Americana style and an array of beautiful instrumentation shine as you soak this record in.

Vocals come through vibrant but calming as violin tugs at your heart strings and John's descriptive words hold nothing back as they paint pictures.

There is a raw sort of darkness looming underneath the songs at times and the artist clearly uses his songs as a way to let out what he was feeling inside at the time.

This is a huge part of what makes these songs so relatable , moving, and addictive. The songs are real. They come from a real place and all the deep rooted emotions bleed through and surround you.

You will find yourself a float in this record quickly and be careful, the songs may have you thinking about things in your own life.

These are songs that say things we think but most cannot say out loud simply because we don't know how.

Records like Atelophobia are important especially for reasons like that.

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