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Plutonian State - The Basilisk

Plutonian State is a group of talented musicians located across different parts of the world. Comprised of Graham Iddon, Roy Messiah and Tommy Jones, each member has received recognition in their previous projects. For instance, Iddon has been featured on various radio stations including BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music. A simple online search will also reveal his presence in numerous blogs and magazines.

On the other hand, Jones's exemplary guitar skills have been appreciated in Sunset Nebula, and he has been aired on BBC Introducing as well as toured the US. Messiah, who is a visionary from Magic Pillow Factory, is renowned in Israel for his exceptional percussive skills, composition and production abilities.

The band also states “Plutonian State is an atypical band to say the least. You won't hear any typical subjects about well trodden ground like love, partying or the like. We have one goal - to address the most pressing climate, socioeconomic and technological issues we face as a society, usually through metaphor or intricate storytelling.”

The band released “The Basilisk” which is a cinematic and otherworldly sounding tune. They combine flickering synths, tribal beats and other instrumentation on the tune. The song sounds huge at points but there are also some more stripped back moments which are just as powerful.

I thought the vocals were very strong on this song. There are moments where the artist screams “why” which sound like it’s coming from the pit of his soul. The more intimate and pensive vocals work just as well.

I also listened to “Room 101” and this song is also very well done. It feels a little more grounded and melancholy in some ways. The vocals feel like a stream of consciousness and the hook is very catchy.

I recommend checking out the video for both of these. The visuals add to the experience. I became a fan of this band after listening to these songs and think you will too.

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