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Penner shows her style with "criminial Daydreams"

The latest from PENNER is a shining and edgy pop-rock track with soulful vocals and quite a fun topic that I think we may all think about from time to time.

"Criminal Daydreams" is completely addicting and has such a killer attitude that grows more and more as the song rolls on. The track is an acoustic guitar based song that really somehow rocks super hard and does so with a gracefulness and an almost theatrical feel.

As the song gets to its final chorus you are just waiting on the edge of your seat for it, and goddamn does it deliver.

This was one of the most fun, and tastefully humorous songs you've heard all year.

"Criminal Daydreams" has such a gusto and is so much absolute fun to listen to that you end up starting right over again. It's the type of song you show to your friends after the first time you've heard it.

What's just as fun is the accompanying video which is as colorful and vibrant as the single itself.

This is one for the playlists.

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