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odeons drops a fresh pop single

Odeons dropped a fresh single that hits that radio pop sweet spot with alternative undertones and a retro edge to it that feels good to listen to.

"I Can't Pretend" is an absolutely gorgeous display of colorful hooks and a bright soundscape that gives the feeling of sunset on the beach with ambient swells sways that bring a calm before the chorus.

The track shows a pure love for their craft and a touch of perfectionism in the production as everything has this incredibly vibrant sheen to it that sets it aside from the rest.

This is a pop song no doubt, but there are a few more layers to be peeled back and influences to be uncovered that play a part in its shine.

Vocals are smooth and the tonality of everything comes through with a warm glow that stays throughout the songs course.

Odeons knows exactly how to write a pop song and it's pretty clear this isn't their first rodeo.

Upon some further digging, we found several singles released from the band this year and each one has something completely new to offer.

A very tasteful array of textures and sounds along with some remixes have proven to set a path for Odeons to the pop world.

Let's hope they don't stop anytime soon because we can all use a refreshing and polished sound like this right now.

These guys are far from stopping and I'd look out for more this year from the group as they seem to be churning them out steadily.

Dig in to Odeons and start off with "I Can't Pretend", then go back from there. You'll find plenty for your playlists.

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