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Near death experience - "Moves"

"Moves" is the new single from London based soul rock band Near Death Experience. Packed to the brim with funk, this track is a sexual and personal dig into having the right girl on your side.

An outrageously fun song that gets into jams, and oh man what an attitude on these vocals. Singer Ian Whiteling packs a punch and really knows how to let loose just enough. It's infectious indeed since half way through the song you're already feeling that sightly crazy vibe.

This is a banger for sure. Play it at a party and watch everyone starting really getting down. Getting in a super groove comes natural to these guys and it shows.

Check out "Moves" and see if you can sit still. You can't.

Starting off feeling like an acoustic pop song then bursting into her own brand of alt-rock, "Back To You" is a real contender in the arena rock world.

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