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Keltrix Brings Out A New Single

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

UK artist Keltrix has put out a single that takes some inventive approaches to blending genres together with a track that fits acoustic folk and an alternative rock together in one deepening and colorful shot.

The single, "Last Light" is spread out across almost three and a half minutes, but it feels so much bigger when you listen to it.

Although the song goes from that woodsy acoustic, singer-songwriter style and into an alternative rock platform, it all sounds pretty.

There is an authentic tone to everything about this song and the single is set to be part of the upcoming album dropping in the coming months.

Here is what songwriter Keri Kel describes about her project, Keltrix.

"Keltrix is a shapeshifting project more than a band as such. I write songs on my acoustic guitar and work with various musicians and producers. Basically, whoever is up for it at the time. I have written and performed as Keltrix for the past 17 years."

You can check out Keltrix music on the following platforms and more.

Watch the video here:

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