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John Michael Hersey Drops A Classic Single

A new single release from John Michael Hersey delivers a classic rock influence ballad that comes along with pop undertones and an honest approach that gives the song a lot of persona and character.

"Corner of My Eye" is a wonderfully written track that gives off a unique vibe that gets you attached very quickly and with that, you have these melodies and choruses that stick with you for hours after the song has ended.

We are no strangers to the music of John Michael Hersey and with a lot of his releases he tends to go in slightly different directions which is actually quite refreshing because it shows his evolution as an artist.

What's more, is when he releases a single a lot of the time, it comes along with a music video that showcases a little bit more of that character displayed in the song, so you get a lot of presents delivered from him when he puts something out.

This track is very piano-based but it has that classic rock undertone and the way it's arranged in formatted makes it very radio-friendly.

I personally enjoy the direction that he's going on this track because it shows some different sides of his influences coming through and those choruses are still the main strong point of a lot of his music so he definitely knows how to write a single, but it has layers that you can kind of peel back and that's actually quite fun.

That's a really enjoy the energy displayed on this track because it's got a really well-balanced dynamic and lets you take the song how you want to which is part of the beauty of music in general, but this artist is able to let you think and determine things how you want.

If you watch the music video you get a little bit more of a feel for what the song is actually about and you have a different sort of appreciation for his art form because again, he puts out videos a lot of the time with the singles so perhaps he has the idea for the video in mine when the single is actually created.

The vocals are exactly where they should be and give great melodies throughout the song so you're able to not only pay a lot of attention to the lyrics, but you get those melodies that you end up humming later on in the day.

Again, this definitely has that classic rock influence and it's got hints of The Beatles and even Elton John embedded in it which I thought was a wonderful combination and still goes to show that this is an artist that sort of goes with the flow of what he's feeling musically at the time.

Because of that it's like there's fewer boundaries and he just does what feels right which is part of why the songs come through feeling sort of genuine in a way.

This was a very well woven single and there was a lot of attention to detail, but it never loses its purpose which is really important.

You can also tell this is created by someone that has an absolute love for his craft and that is evident with every no played.

I would definitely suggest starting off with this single and then maybe jumping back through his catalog of releases because if you like this song there's going to be a bunch of others that you will also enjoy.

When you listen to this song, I would also suggest doing it by watching the video so that you can kind of soak it in properly.

John Michael Hersey is one of those artists to keep an eye on.

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