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A Vast and Edgy Release from The Silent Era

A brand-new release from The Silent Era brings together a cross of a heavy-handed alternative rock soundscape but breeds that with industrial sort of undertones and a super-vast feel to create an atmosphere that has a cinematic approach and this kind of character that you end up getting attached to.

The Matter of Time EP is a release that consists of two songs and the first being the title track which boasts such an intensity that you end up getting engulfed in it and eventually washed away with it as well.

This track has super heavy and distanced drums that hit hard and really give this track the deepening drive that it needs to get where it is going but this is in combination with these heavy guitars that breed an almost grunge approach at times and vocals that are absolutely haunting.

The way all of this comes together is outstanding and you have these different guitar tones throughout the track as well that aren't as heavy but also sort of clean, twangy, and drenched in reverb just as the vocals are a lot of the time and this is part of what creates this vastness and this cinematic underbelly that you end up letting get wrapped around you.

The sonic presence of this track alone is completely massive and overtaking which is something I love about it because the song is an actual escape and can just pull you away from wherever you are and put you in a different place altogether.

This, to me, is like a gift in music and doesn't happen often so when it comes around it's quite rejuvenating.

There are such progressive changes throughout this track and as you listen to it, it sort of gets more and more intense and you can feel that in your bones as it's happening.

This track is driving, edgy, and breeze a unique sound that touches on a huge sort of shoegaze feel as well so there are so many influences in this track alone that you can't even really put your finger on what exact genre it is, but this is something that I love about it.

I'm not a big fan of genres in particular and this is a band that demonstrates exactly why.

The most impressive thing about this entire song has to be those vocals just because, although the band is amazing with what they do and the mix is outstanding as well to give the right aesthetic, the vocals give it this almost overwhelming intensity at times which gives feeling and lets the song feel alive and breathing.

Our performance is unreal, and it feels almost like she's operatic at times and her harmonies are beautiful.

The vocalist uses her voice as an instrument a lot of the time and that is beautiful and adds this gracefulness to the whole thing.

Now, having said all of that I haven't even gotten into their cover of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" which is most known by the band Bauhaus.

They take that whole aesthetic and build it into their cover of the track as well giving it their own complete spin and atmosphere just as much as the first track did.

To me, this was a gorgeous record that had character, and energy, and although I know the cover of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is done live, it also feels like "Matter of Time" was also done live because of the way that everyone in the band seems to feed off of each other's energies.

These songs have an unreal sort of flow to them that seems natural.

This was a killer release from an outstanding man who does their own thing and releases tracks with much fewer boundaries than the norm.

Check this out as soon as you can and don't be afraid to turn it up.

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