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A Lush Country Album from Nathan Seeckts

A new album release from Nathan Seeckts delivers a particular breed of honesty and a lush and warm soundscape that all feels like it comes from the heart and some of these songs even feel as if they serve as the soundtrack to certain chapters of the artist's life so when you listen to the whole record you're getting these detailed sort of stories that allow you to paint pictures in your head vividly at times and I think that's a beautiful thing.

The Something Rare and Beautiful album has plenty of surprises around its corners but as soon together with a passionate set of performances, and not just vocally but instrumentally as well in the form of a strong and heavy-handed country album, and that atmosphere is done with an array of gorgeous instrumentation and a certain tonality that sticks throughout the record nice and strong.

One of the things that hits the hardest about this record is the vocals because Nathan has a great sort of vibrato in the way that he sings and performs and that has a wonderful way of displaying this emotional drive feeling that comes with a lot of these songs and this in combination with the lyrics, allow for something that delivers a plentiful and bountiful sound and approach that you end up getting attached to right from the get-go.

The guitar tone, for example, has just the right sort of twang to it and the songs are packed with these instruments that create notes that float through the ether of certain songs and this builds different levels of intensity depending on which song you're listening to and how far along the song is gotten but everyone describes this story that you end up getting engulfed in.

It's crazy because even with everything going on during these tracks, I feel like this record would still be incredibly powerful and impactful if it was just a completely acoustic singer-songwriter record and maybe that's how it all started. Maybe that's how it was written in the first place before Nathan beefed it up.

This is the type of record that you listen to from beginning to end because if you listen to just one or two tracks, you're not really getting the full spectrum of what the album has to offer and you're not hearing all the stories in detail that you should be.

This is important that a record like this because some of the songs are a little bit connective in a strange way and as I said earlier, it's almost like these are chapters of Nathan's life that he's just putting out there for people to soak in how they will.

This certainly has a classic country, but it also brings in folk, singer-songwriter, and certain kinds of rustic tones here and there that round the record out very well.

The most important aspect of this release for me, is that it has character and you let this character sort of wrap itself around you and this is how you get attached to the songs.

Yes, a lot of these songs are super catchy and there are plenty of hooks and melodies that stick in your brain for hours or even days after the songs have ended, however, it's that character and persona that is the most memorable of all.

These are songs that came from genuine places and real-life experience which is something you can tell just by listening to it, so everything comes through incredibly authentic and that is what has an impact.

On top of all that, it hits all the sweet spots a good and genuine country album should and more.

Definitely take a deep dive into this album when you get a chance and turn it nice and Loud because I'm sure you'll find yourself singing along to certain courses by the second or third time around.

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