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Jayden Wark - The Vision Is Dead

Jayden Wark, a talented independent Canadian artist, encompasses various roles in the music industry. As a singer, songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and producer, he showcases his unique abilities. Wark's distinctive style is characterized by his extravagant approach and incorporation of a "cartoon" aesthetic, including captivating animations.

While primarily associated with alternative rock, Wark endeavors to infuse his music with a diverse range of influences. Drawing inspiration from doo-wop, theater, space rock, electronic, punk and jazz, he strives to create a fusion of genres. His recent compositions even feature the inclusion of brass and woodwind instruments, adding new dimensions to his sound. In his lyrical endeavors, Jayden often explores personal and somber themes. However, he skillfully juxtaposes these dark elements with vibrant and often humorous visuals and performances.

Occasionally, he crafts songs with entirely comical lyrics, characterized by unexpected twists that delve into darker subject matters. One of Warks' notable traits is his penchant for reinvention.

With every album release, he reinvents his image and genre, constantly pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression. In his latest album, titled The Vision Is Dead, he ventures into an electronic and ethereal soundscape, beautifully contrasting it with the presence of loud and distorted guitars.

The album begins with “What's In His Head?” which is a unique juxtaposition of genres. There are moments which reminded me of Green Day but the song is so much more than that. It was very impressive because of how seamless the song felt.

“Dance Your Life Away” is this synth pop song with some influence from the 80’s club sound but also pop punk. It’s another interesting song. Perhaps the best song is “Slip Away (Maybe...)” which has changes on BPM and is very catchy. I loved how this song picks up more and more energy as it progresses.

“Mr. Dusky” is a little more straightforward revolving around acoustic guitar, vocals and atmospheric elements. “Everything We Know a.k.a. Expiry Comes For Us All, Doesn't It Mr. Dusky? Now Please, You Need To Stop Staring At That Clock. We've Already Proved That Your Concept Of This ‘Supernal Standstill’ Was False” is maybe the longest song title ever. It also happens to be a good song. “Photos Are Too Beautiful To Lose” and the title track “The Vision Is Dead” continue to showcase talent. There’s also “Country Boy In The Sky (Bonus Track)” which is very comedic.

This is definitely music that doesn't’ fit into one specific genre. It’s really well done and I look forward to hearing more from the artist.

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