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Jacob Donham - Suncastles

In the midst of challenging times, Jacob Donham's Suncastles emerges as a comforting sonic refuge. The collection exudes a carefree essence, even amid subtle undertones of darkness, offering solace through its musical embrace. The opening track, "Katydid Radio," sets the tone with a hoedown vibe, featuring a blend of fiddle, handclaps, guitar and a steady walking bass line.

Donham's vocals resonate akin to Bonnie “Prince” Billy, delivering a compelling narrative. "Before" invites sing-alongs with joyous melodies, painting a whimsical tale echoing back to the origins of life and the Earth. Despite its lightness, the distant harmonica adds a unique depth to the track.

The title track, "Sand Castles," stands out prominently, harnessing the allure of horns and a rolling snare that defines its vibrant energy. "Cowboys" ventures into whimsy, evoking a sci-fi ambiance with intriguing effects. The album's latter half holds its own treasures. Moments of humor surface, notably in the cleverly crafted "Bigfoot," while "Right On Time" unexpectedly tugs at heartstrings, delving into themes of reflection and hope. Its metaphorical exploration, especially referencing tree planting, unveils profound insights through compelling lyrics.

"Loons" casts a spotlight on Donham, evoking an intimate ambiance fit for a small, captivated audience in a tranquil venue. Donham's brilliance in originality shines through in Suncastles. While the album's tone may seem scattered at times, the top-tier songwriting ultimately weaves these elements into a cohesive, compelling whole, marking it as a testament to Donham's exceptional artistry.

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