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A refreshed single release from NSS Feels Good jam with

A fresh single release from NSS gives off a refreshing and almost relaxing groove in the form of a funk rock approach with undertones of blues just flowing through its veins and it's all delivered with this great and sort of robust character that you end up really enjoying.

There's something special about "Use Me (Post Pandemic Refresh)" and maybe it's because this is indeed a post-pandemic refresh but either way, this song feels incredibly good to listen to because it's got this insane positivity just exuding from it and it does this with such a colorful and lively tonality to the point where it almost actually feels like a live performance where everyone involved is feeding off of each other's energies the whole time.

This track is lush with outstanding instrumentation and every element complements each other incredibly well from the vocals to the organs, to the guitars, drums, bass and more.

It all comes together with a seamless flow, and it's got sold to it as well which again, counts for every instrument here and you can tell that this track comes from someone with a real love for the craft of songwriting.

That's right, NSS stands for no Noel Stefan Stoyanoff who is the man behind this project and most likely is performing most or all of the instrumentation on this track which blows my mind because I can't even imagine how to have a vision for a song in my head and then bring it to fruition the way that Noel does it.

This is a very classic feeling song and the organs let it all feel robust and add that color very well, but the guitar work has that blues element to it with bending licks and additional soulfulness that seems to just drip all over the song while the vocals are big and sort of riddled with persona.

There's also this really pungent classic rock element that this song boasts, and this sticks strong throughout the track along with that live performance feel which pushes that classic rock envelope even further.

Of course, now we know it wasn't a live performance per se because Noel probably performed all the instruments on the track but he still manages to pull off that vibe.

This track makes you want to kick back and have a beer while watching it perform live on a stage and I love hearing a song that makes you feel something like that.

This was endlessly fun, and it had some really deep grooves, so it makes you want to dance as well and if you listen to this track first thing in the morning it'll just set your tone for the day.

Upon listening to this track, I took a little bit of a deeper dive into Noel's catalog on Spotify and I'm certainly glad that I did because there's a ton of work there and all of it shows a little bit of different sides of his influences and songwriting which is incredible.

When you find an artist you really like, one of the best parts about Spotify as a whole is that you get to sort of listen to the evolution of that artist if you have the time.

I definitely loved doing this because there are so many great releases that he has under his belt, and he engages in a certain level of humor throughout some of them as well which shows more of his character as an artisan as a person.

There's something about some of these songs that lets you know none of it is taken over the top too seriously.

I think that's important because it adds that slight whimsical factor and brings a little bit more enjoyment to the listener.

This was a very fun track that just oozed with soul and listening to it as a damn good time.

Check this out as soon as you can and turn it nice and loud.

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