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Romeopathy Comes in Swinging with a Powerful New Single

A new single release from Romeopathy comes in swinging with a heavy-handed riff and edgy guitar song that leaves an alternative but also brings in elements of metal, especially with the guitar work, and other subgenres that are rolled into this track giving it more vast and expansive kind of tonality that still comes at you with colorful Hooks and unstoppable energy.

"K.I.T.Y." boasts some riffs that give this song the aesthetic of a sort of mid to late-90s heavy rock song that you'd hear on all the major radio stations, and this is also because the chorus is quite anthemic and hits hard enough to deliver a great punch that is completely memorable.

Between the guitar riffs and the vocals, you do indeed get this classical alternative rock feel and for me, it was a little bit nostalgic even because they nailed that whole sound so well that it felt like something I had been listening to for decades now.

There are some great sort of breakdown parts where the guitars get trudging and heavier which brings in a little bit more of a metal feel at times but all in all this song has a super catchy combination of character, color, edginess, and a little bit of grunge even at times.

The tire track has an insane energy which makes the song all the more fun and the track also comes with some messages that light just beneath the surface if you really listen.

"K.I.T.Y." stands for keep it to yourself and it deals with certain kinds of inner struggles and keeping them down or being able to express them in whatever way you can.

I think that's an important factor here because it's so common and so relatable that anyone can understand it and where it's coming from, and I think it's good that people know others hold in certain kinds of more aggressive or painful emotions simply because then we understand we're not alone in doing so if you ever thought so in the first place.

We all deal with stressors, emotions, thoughts, and life in general but to have a band put out a track that speaks so boldly about the fact that we hold it all in and do it in such a way that you end up wanting to sing along with it in the end, is pretty amazing.

This track is pretty powerful and multiple ways, and I enjoyed how the whole thing was built and performed.

I think we need more music like this because it expresses the harder aspects or more aggressive feelings that you get from holding something in over time.

When you do things like that you become your own worst enemy and I think that's really what this song is about.

This track has a few layers you can peel back and have a really good time doing so as well.

Turn this one nice and loud because you certainly won't regret it.

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