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A New Release from Bart Moore

Bart Moore's "Wild Flora" is an eclectic collection of tales that showcases his distinctive approach to folk music. The album weaves various stories, each with its unique flavor, creating a rich and engaging listening experience. 

The opening track, "Molly Bloom," feels like a historical biography set to music, with sections that could easily score a fantasy-inspired film. It's a striking introduction that sets the tone for Moore's storytelling that is distinct throughout the album. 

"Heavenly Daze" marks a clear shift in style with its exceptional guitar work and light, airy percussion. This track feels like a breath of fresh air, contrasting sharply with the more stoic "Comanche Land," a somber reflection on America's past. 

One of the standout tracks is "Tuesday Afternoon at Wrigley Field." Having lived in Chicago, this song struck a personal chord with me. Moore's ability to evoke specific places and times is remarkable, making each song feel like a chapter in a novel. 

Other highlights include "The Railyard Ghosts," "God Is Just Plain Lazy," and "Mattie’s Song (Walking On Time)." Each of these tracks dives into different subjects, showcasing Moore's versatility as a songwriter and storyteller. A friend and I recently discussed how the concept of the album seems to be fading in contemporary music. 

"Wild Flora" stands as a testament to the enduring power of a cohesive album. Moore brings together various songs to create something greater than the sum of its parts. This is an album that invites you to sit back, listen, and lose yourself in the tales it tells.

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