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Global Premier - Let The Wolves Speak - "Passerby"

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The premier of the new single from Let The Wolves Speak is here and it's joyously progressive, dripping with ambience, and gives you the feeling that you're floating. That is until the metal kicks in, and kicks in it does.

"Passerby" is a completely huge hardcore metal track that breathes as snares roll and delayed guitars hover around it's vibrant spacey atmosphere.

Scattered notes fill the air and the song takes you to a different place and just when you feel like your a drift in its ether, and an explosion of thrashing epic guitars hit you like a sonic tidal wave.

This single shows a maturity in the bands songwriting style but holds true to the heavier roots of where they began.

Let The Wolves Speak brings together a tasteful combination of prog rock, melodic metal, hardcore, trash, and does it while featuring their old school and new school influences.

It's terrific to hear a release from these guys just as the year ends. We hope for more to come in 2021 because hey, we could all use some Let The Wolves Speak next year.

The video for "passerby" is also a visual feast and brings to mind an almost 80's vaporwave VHS style which is incredibly difficult to look away from.

Check out the premier of "Passerby"

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