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Gina French - Dream It All Up Again, More Tomorrow’s, Season Of Us

Gina French unveiled a trio of singles not long ago, each a testament to her haunting, yet utterly accessible musical prowess. Among them, "Dream It All Up Again" stands out, beckoning the listener deeper into her enchanting sonic world. Initially set against an acoustic backdrop, French's vocals immediately captivate, swiftly accompanied by the entire ensemble.

What appears as a conventional rock track swiftly transcends those boundaries. The seamless transition from electric guitar to orchestral swells in the second verse defies expectations, elevating the composition to grand heights. French’s vocals seamlessly match the escalating intensity, leaving an indelible impact. “

More Tomorrow’s" follows suit, a poignant composition that tugs at the heartstrings. Lines like “I guess we never know/which way the wind will blow” and “If we could only know/how fast the time goes” evoke deep emotional resonance, enhanced by French's stunning vocals and the emotive strings that weave a tapestry of melancholy. "Season Of Us" unfolds at its own unhurried pace, allowing French's vocals to shimmer amidst the shadows. Her voice effortlessly soars above the instrumentation, navigating the intricate technicality of the composition while displaying a spectrum of profound emotions.

These tracks are a testament to French's musical prowess, each unveiling a different facet of her artistry. The sheer brilliance of these compositions leaves an unforgettable mark. Witnessing French live is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss for the world—her music is nothing short of exceptional.

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