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Danny Marcus Releases "Pieces of Me"

Danny Marcus is an artist from New Jersey who has been crafting emotive songs for years. Marcus recently released Pieces of Me which is a six-song EP. The songs are warm and inviting and I thought this was a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end.

The EP begins with “17 again” which starts off with guitars and vocals. It’s very nostalgic sounding from the lyrics to the tones and textures. The song introduces some drums which enhances the energy. As the song progresses it starts to feel more motivational and hopeful. It’s a well-crafted pop song I think a lot of people will appreciate.

“Ain't No Fan” is up next and I loved this one. The melodies are memorable and the song fills you with hope but what makes it work especially well is that there’s a warm melancholy underneath. The song does get more vibrant as it progresses.

“Beautiful” is much more melancholy than the previous songs but also quite warm and beautiful. There’s an intimacy here that is very appealing. Marcus' vocals sound exceptional on this song. “California” beams with a radiance. It feels like sunshine to my ears. There’s a narrative here and I thought the lyrics were really well done.

“Love You, Long For You” is a little lighter in terms of emotion. There’s a sense of playfulness here. In an EP full of single worthy songs this one might be the one you would hear on the radio. “Pieces Of Me” is the closer which is fantastic. The song soars and the EP ends on such a hopeful and encouraging feeling.

As far as pop music goes Marcus is a great songwriter. These are the types of songs that have a mass appeal and can be appreciated by a broad audience. I can wholeheartedly recommend this release.

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