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CROSSBONES Delivers A Massive Metal LP

An album release from CROSSBONES Blends together several subgenres of hard-hitting metal from thrash to new metal, melodic metal, even death metal at times, hardcore, and so much more all just brought into one massive record release that hits like a blitzkrieg and combines memorable choruses with deep dredging riffs to create an atmosphere that comes through vast and with a fire.

WWIII certainly has some singles that stand on their own two feet very well strewn throughout the course of the 10 tracks that the album delivers however, listening to this record from beginning to end is really the proper way to do it because the songs tend to intertwine in different ways, and I feel like this is a bit of a concept record if anything.

Now, I could be wrong about the concept record thing of course but it certainly feels that way to me, and listening to just a few songs off this release doesn't give you the full feel of what the band can do or all the sides of their songwriting either.

Their particular way of blending this old school Vibe with a new school approach really works well on a lot of these songs because you even have elements of late 90s sort of grunge or alternative rock embedded in the veins of this record as well and all those influences come through in different parts.

The drumming on this record is pounding and precise but with life and really helps push the envelope in terms of the drive that the record has.

The guitar tone is immense and has this super-deep drop C or drop B tonality to it that makes everything insanely heavy and being able to take that rumbling approach and mix it with melodic vocals works in a very unique way.

There's something nostalgic about this band to me and it feels good to listen to this record honestly.

The record certainly has a few surprises around some of the corners and its experimental undertone shows face here and there which I really enjoyed as well so you never really get any kind of cookie-cutter feel during this release.

This is the kind of record that you could head back to, pump your fists in the air, and sing along with, or even mosh around the living room.

It's a metal soiree of sorts and does indeed cover a lot of different styles in one record but it does so with spelled in and that has a lot to do with the vocals because the vocals deliver that persona very well and this is part of what you become attached to when it comes down to this record.

I love a record that's heavy as hell but also catchy is hell at the same time and these guys managed to pull this off without a hitch somehow.

The energy on the record is outstanding and some of it feels like it's almost live on the floor because of the way that the players feel like they're feeding off of each other the entire time.

This is something I thoroughly enjoyed because, in the end, it made me want to see these guys perform live in my face.

This album was a pure powerhouse of deepening metal that was well thought out, intricately performed but with gusto and vigor, and had heart to it in its own way.

There's something on this record for metal lovers of all different kinds and I would suggest again, listening to the album in full so you can just jam it out properly.

Feel free to turn it up while you do as well, you won't be disappointed.

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