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Avery Sloane Delivers an Honest set of rock Singles

A new EP release from Avery Sloane brings out a lush blend of pop rock and with it comes a vast sort of indie pop undertone but with a great edgy backbone that makes you think of underground bands of the late 90s that you would hear about by word of mouth or by reading about them in an actual magazine and then trying to find their songs on LimeWire or Napster days later.

The Tired of This Setting Sun EP works wonders in the way of blending this color in this edginess together to create a sort of atmosphere that you end up falling right into and end up never wanting to leave.

One of my absolute favorite aspects about this record is its sheer blunt honesty that it delivers and the way that it's portrayed and performed throughout the entire thing because it's nostalgic in the sense that these songs feel like they could have served as the soundtrack to certain chapters in your own life and to have that kind of connection is awesome.

I also love how their actual musical hooks performed on guitar most of the time and it's just something that I've missed in music for a long time in multiple genres.

There are a lot of hooks throughout this record both musically and vocally that end up sticking with you for hours or even days after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is by playing them again.

There's also this amazing array of songwriting undertones that change with each new track so every song has its own kind of persona but the whole record has a character to it and that is something really rare.

Listening to these songs is almost like reading someone's diary to an extent and each song tells you a little bit more about that personality or those inner thoughts.

The energy on this record is outstanding because it's not super over the top but it does give the essence of a live performance at times as if the players were feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this lets the songs sort of breathe and feel alive in their own way.

The tones of the guitars are amazing, and this is also a really big attribute to how the songs change from one another because along with that character, the guitar tones tend to change as well so halfway through this six-track record, you begin to expect the unexpected.

There are layers to be peeled back and there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this record, but it never loses this particular sort of heart that it starts with in the first place.

This record is an indie rock record that takes some of the best parts of pop rock and adds in this almost animated and again, character-riddled vocal approach that makes everything come alive and you start to realize that every word song on this record is coming from someplace real and that gives everything this massive authenticity.

You can hear different influences coming in and out throughout the different tracks and love how everything comes together.

This is one of those records where you want to listen to the whole thing from beginning to end because if you listen to just one or two tracks, not only are you not getting the entire story, but you're also not getting the full spectrum of what the EP has to offer musically either.

Besides, I'm tired of living in a single-based society and I'm super glad bands like this one give off this classic indie and pop-rock vibe in the form of an EP.

This was a well-woven record and has a sort of youthful cry-out attached to it that lets the songs come from an emotionally driven place but also hints at humor and doesn't take themselves too seriously half the time which is wonderful.

Check this EP out as soon as you can, and you certainly won't regret it.

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