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An Honest Dreamscape With Obvious Creature

A new single release from Obvious Creature brings out a lush and atmospheric indie pop soundscape that lets you drift and swim along through these beautiful textures and the whole thing has a wonderful way of just engulfing you and in the end, letting you get washed away with the soundscape.

"Wonder" shines with a gorgeous sonic presence that has a very unique and subtle balance of sounds and tones that have a way of sort of melting into each other in creating a whole that presents this particular sort of character and this is what you end up getting attached to in the end.

The use of synths and keys throughout this track is very intricate but smooth and forward-moving with a soft touch that makes things very dream-esque but it also bears a certain element of edginess along with it that reaches outside the box in certain ways, and this is part of why I love this track so much.

The song has a unique way of feeling like it's alive and breathing because there's so many sways and swells throughout its course and this also gives it somewhat of a cinematic backbone like you could certainly see this in the scene of a film for example.

The combination of an alternative and electronic pop along with this shoegaze undertone all come together really naturally and the whole song starts sort of growing and intensity the further in you go.

The beats get bigger, and the synths get louder as the vocals come through feeling like a vocoded human voice that, if you pay attention, lyrically is very personal.

As a matter of fact, this is somewhat existential and to me is incredibly relatable to a lot of people inner and outer situations don't know exactly how to articulate it which is where artists like Obvious Creature come in.

For him maybe it was cathartic to sing about. Something that he needed to get off his chest and this is the way he knew exactly how to do it. Through his music.

For the listener, it lets us feel like we're not quite alone in this crazy situation and in this crazy world sometimes because we all do feel that way from time to time.

It's hard not to let our inner thoughts eat away at the rest of us and our situational struggles get the better of us.

This track especially in that sense is very freeing because it combines this sort of bright dream pop musical element with lyrics that are a lot darker than the music is.

But it all comes from a very real place, and this is what makes it authentic and genuine.

This is built with fewer boundaries than its predecessors and that's part of the allure for me.

This was a very honest straightforward, flowing, and lush song that wraps itself around you and gets you paying attention and I think that a lot of these elements are part of what's missing from certain kinds of music these days.

A beautifully woven single from an artist that I am going to be paying a lot more attention to from here on out.

I would definitely suggest taking a deep dive into this one and swimming through it because it feels amazing and it's a little bit eye-opening.

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