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An Explosive single from Rise As Legends

A new single release from Rise as Legends delivers a thrashing soiree of tightly performed metal that blends several subgenres together to create something that hits like a sucker punch to the gut and does so with a fierce guitar tone and explosive energy from start to finish.

"To Reap What Is Sewn" is destructive and delivers grueling and hard-hitting blasts of massive riffs and lead guitar that burst into fast-paced melodic treading and harmonies all with an anthemic and vast undertone that leaves you in awe.

The drumming on this track is blistering and drives the song into a place that you never want to really come back from.

This track is like a blitzkrieg of metal shrapnel flying at you at lightspeed but through it all, you have these outstanding technical sections of guitar work that create a different layer as the song progresses.

It's amazing how there can be so much going on in one song in such a short period and when it's over you have to sort of shake it off to reacclimate yourself back to your own reality again.

This is one of my favorite aspects about it because it's such a quick escape and good metal music should be exactly that.

There is a ton of heart and fire behind this track, and it's got such a dark-edged tonality to it that it's able to sort of wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to for that moment in time.

What hits the hardest about this track is the 100% pure energy that's displayed throughout it.

It's non-stop and intense from beginning to end which is definitely something I look for when I'm listening to death or thrash metal.

Something that has always bothered me just a little bit is the sheer fact that people who don't listen to a lot of metal I don't think understand the technicality and musicianship that you have to have to pull a song like this one off properly.

All of the members of this band can play most likely any kind of music that they want to and if you listen closely to the song that is easy to understand.

There are parts where the guitar solo blends into a second or third guitar which creates a harmony that in turn expands the vastness of the track meanwhile the whole thing has such a growing intensity that there's barely time to breathe.

The drum performance on the record is again, one of the things that blew my mind as well because it's so tight but so alive at the same time.

Vocally the song gives off the perfect amount of grit and grime, rumble, and character to match the energy and impact of the rest of the song so it all works out incredibly well.

What this gave me was a want to see these guys live because if the energy on the record is captured at such a crazy level, then seeing them live must be face-melting.

This track pulled all the stops but did so with a tasteful approach and with almost no walls put up or boundaries set around them.

This is exactly what we need in metal right now.

The release is the kind of song that you can listen to three or four times in a row and still catch new elements of it that you missed before because it all flies by like lightning.

It was absolutely killer from start to finish and anyone who has a real love for metal in general whether it's death, black, thrash, melodic, or anything, will love this track.

This track gets a solid 9 out of 10 straight up. 

Turn it loud. 

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