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An Experimental And Massive Release from Silent Generator

An album release from Silent Generator brings out an array of expansive and creative songwriting and soundscapes that all come together to create an atmosphere that just has a way of sort of engulfing you and keeping you right where it wants to and when that happens, it feels great.

The In Parallel album is brimming with character and this is one of the most addictive and alluring factors about the record because you become very attached to that in itself so by the end of the record you've been told stories and you've been sort of pulled through this completely different world for a good chunk of time and that character delivered as part of that world.

By the time you get three or four songs into this album, you start to understand that you should be expecting the unexpected aside from guitar tones and riffs that stick with you and bounce around your head for hours after songs have ended, there are always surprises around these corners and experimental production that makes this record sort of envelope-pushing in its own way.

These are the things that you end up taking note of when listening to a record that leaves you in awe to an extent.

You find yourself paying close attention to lyrics as they are expressed half the time with such detail you're able to almost picture vividly in your head what's being told and throughout it all you were able to sort of escape into this record and forget about your reality which is something I've missed in music for quite some time.

Part of that reason is because we live in such a single-based society which for me is a bit sad, that too many artists do not release full-length albums and when they do a lot of times it comes through a bit of a cookie-cutter and multiple songs sound almost the same.

With this release, all those things couldn't be further from the truth because this is incredibly inventive and reaches outside the box in so many different ways that you find yourself having to reacclimate yourself back to your reality when the record is over.

There are more than a handful of tracks that stand on their own two feet incredibly well as singles; however, having said all that, you must understand that this is the type of piece that you want to listen to from beginning to end.

This album is meant to be soaked in as a whole because you're going on a sort of adventure of sorts and different musical journeys interconnect with each other in certain ways which makes this almost like a concept record.

Besides, listening to only one or two songs won't give you the full effect.

There's such a mass array of lush instrumentation here that helps the record sway and swivel, explode, or give you vast undertones that you end up swimming through.

This is the type of record with layers that can be peeled back and it's quite fun to do exactly that but in order to do so you should give it your attention.

And this is exactly what I mean when I say something that I've missed in music for quite some time.

This is a record that comes through as more of an experience than anything else. 

I am giving this record a 9 out of 10 especially due to its incredibly lush atmospheric sounds and uber-creative tonality. 

Dive into this record when you can.

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