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An Eclectic and Flowing Album from astronaut club

A new album release from astronaut club brings out an array of production approaches that, in collaboration with a slew of artists delivers an entire atmosphere for you to fall into and each track has its own character or persona which makes the entire thing even more engulfing and fun.

The fit check album is massive and with each song, you get a little bit of a different side of the artist and album as a whole because this is something of a mixtape if you would and some tracks come through with a vast undertone almost like a dream pop sound while others come with a classic hip-hop feel and you also get electronica, brightened colorful tones, and haunts all the same.

Although this is technically a hip-hop album I would consider it a very outside-the-box one if anything because the way that astronaut club brings this unique flavor to each track is outstanding and the artist that comes on to those tracks and do vocals also add their own unique flair and flavor to it as well so you have this huge feeling record that has a way of sort of wrapping itself around you.

I absolutely adore the vibes that this record gives off and the symphony key sounds that are used throughout its course because it's eclectic, danceable, fun, and intricate and through it all, has a great sort of heart to it and I think that that's what you end up getting attached to the most.

The vocalists and rappers involved with this record all have their personal style and they seem to adapt to the tracks that astronaut club as an artist and producer is delivering to them.

You can tell everyone who put some time into this record also put in some love and that everyone enjoyed putting their two cents into the craft which is a beautiful thing, and you can hear that in the music itself so when you listen to this record it feels good because you know this was a passion project that was done just for the love of doing it.

All of these songs are completely addicting but in all different ways.

This is what collaborating is all about musically. 

Finding people that want to do it because they have a love for doing it and that's when you get something special which this album certainly is.

I'm sure the Brooklyn-based producer had no problems finding artists and vocalists that they heard some of these tracks.

This is one of those albums that you listen to the whole way through because if you just do a few tracks out of it, then you're missing out on the entire spectrum that it actually has to offer and that would just be a shame honestly.

This is not your average hip-hop record. This is an eclectic and electronic undertoned hip-hop opus that blends a multitude of subgenres into the mix at free will bending the sounds and Vibes of the record with each song given.

Listen to this record with headphones on because it's the best way to soak it in as the tracks themselves are musically lush a lot of the time and some vocalists and rappers have such a cool and unique lyrical phrasing approach that it complements that music's incredibly well.

This record gets a straight-up 9 out of 10 for insane creativity and heart.

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