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Alltid Allena Drops a Vast and Heavy Single

A massive single release from Alltid Allena has a vast metal undertone with elements of Hardcore, and classic melodic metal that all get rolled up to one huge banger and the whole thing comes with a dark overtone and edginess that beckons doom and you're able to just get engulfed in the entire soundscape of it all.

"Opressed" feels like it has a lot of emotional Drive behind its build, and this comes with a certain kind of character that you end up getting attached to pretty quickly.

What's amazing about this track is how it has that vastness in its under tongue and after it goes through all this heaviness it breaks down into a cinematic and calming section that you just kind of float around with and that feels different but to me, that's the part of the song that builds in some of that sadness where a lot of the other parts are aggression.

These two emotions of course go hand in hand and I think the way this track was arranged was brilliant because it's able to go through those emotions and build to a heavy and hard-hitting climax when it needs to.

When it gets flowing and calming it's actually quite graceful and beautifully done with this element of surprise because it adds these different textures and creates an almost completely different atmosphere for the song when you least expect it.

I love tracks like this because they're so huge and this one in particular is about 7 minutes long and worth the entire listen to say the least.

This came through with an impactful impression on me and certainly left its mark the way it was meant to.

The guitar tones across the board are damn near perfect and the whole thing has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

This track has layers to it that can be peeled back, and those sections of aggression and sadness can sort of complement each other and ensure that the overall vibe and feel of the song is stapled in the way it's supposed to be.

This was more of an experience than a single and if you listen to it with headphones on, you kind of escape into it and forget about your surroundings for a little while because you're jumping into this massive emotional drive that the song gives back to you.

This was heavy but uniquely and melodically along with bringing in that element of sullen darkness that a lot of metal songs don't venture into, so it was a bit refreshing.

You can rarely talk about such a heavy and aggressive, edgy, and orchestrated metal song and say how graceful and beautiful it is but this song holds all those things, and depending on where you're at thought-wise, you may come out of it a little bit differently.

This was certainly impactful and for anyone who likes a good heavy track with layers and orchestration, this is 100% for you.

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