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A Wonderfully Driven Indie-Rock Record From Odie

A fresh release from Odie brings on a refreshing indie rock feel with a loose undertone and a super catchy and colorful style that becomes quickly addictive with melodic and classic vocals that let you pay attention to lyrics and stories while guitars send-off fuzztone hooks left and right.

The Full Color Book of Cats album is a garage rock masterpiece that should be the soundtrack to an indie film as it's got that cinematic backbone and youthful energy that makes it all feel alive and almost like the band is performing live in front of your face.

These songs are wild but also have a heavily pop oriented tonality and approach that makes them lush but with a certain magic about them that becomes something you want to be a part of more and more.

It's like watching the parts of a Spielberg film that make you feel. And this album can do that in the midst of rocking like a band playing a roller derby.

This was a beautifully woven and created record that manages to put out this atmosphere that feels warming and refreshing at the same time.

The vocals are bendy, and character driven as they match the music with a heart and perfection.

This is a record to dive into with open arms and let is wash you away with its soundscapes and attitudes, emotions, and styles.

Let the music swim around you and keep you afloat with its feels. It's amazing to do and it feels great.

Enjoy this one on a walk through your neighborhood at night with headphones. It's worth your time and more.

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