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A Vintage Rock Release From Matilda Mother Band

Updated: Jan 2

An EP release from Matilda Mother band gives off a classic rock soiree of a soundscape that comes with all these aesthetically perfected vintage feels and vibes that are so well done that it literally feels like some of these songs could have been released in the late 70s.

The Fluttering Reflection EP is beautifully woven and performed with an almost live essence as the band seems to be feeding off of each other the entire time and it also comes with this sort of blend of lo-fi engineering that only adds to that aesthetic that helps this whole thing thrive.

Within the EPs 3 track span you get quite a variety of songwriting approaches starting with a driving rock song that's based on classic blues rock and hits those guitar tones spot on, but you also get these beautifully written and performed acoustic tracks that have an almost theatrical appeal to them.

There's a lot about this record that beckons old school Rolling Stones and bands of that era, but it's done with their own specific little twists that make it unique but it's so refreshing to hear such a clean-cut classic rock approach.

I'm definitely more used to hearing indie rock bands doing their own versions of what they think is classic rock, but it's really just rehashed indie rock songs.

There's nothing wrong with all that of course, but just don't call it classic rock when it's not.

This, however, is authentic feeling and genuine classic rock and everything down to the recording style and the tonality of it is exactly as it should be for what this band is trying to put out there.

So, they don't really miss the mark, instead they hit the nail on the head.

Listening to this record makes you want to go see them live because they have this particular way of doing things and the energy that's captured on the recording is so well done that seeing them live must just be amazing.

After listening to the EP, I decided to listen to some other releases from the past few years and I was pleasantly surprised with some amazing singles and each one of these releases shows a little bit of a different side of the band and their songwriting but also shows their evolution in music.

This is a band that truly draws from the classics and is able to nail that vintage sound the way they want to do it so they're paving their own path and the rock arena and they're utilizing the platforms around them to push themselves doing live streams for their fans which I think is brilliant idea.

I love seeing a band being innovative but genuine the way they are.

If you are a fan of real deal classic rock than I would strongly suggest checking these guys out and you can join live streams by checking out their website and listen to more than music on their Spotify or Bandcamp page.

All of those links are below of course and I'm going to definitely give this an 8 out of 10 especially in terms of the raw classic rock energy and tone that these guys perform.

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