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A Vast And Edgy new Album From Summore

A new album release from Summore gives off an edgy and vest undertone that blends into elements of vintage synth-pop, new wave, and so much more as the album unravels and you're able to dig deeper and deeper into it.

The New Pain LP is brimming with character and this almost cinematic undertone that gives the tracks not only a certain drive but an openness and spaciousness that lets the songs wrap themselves around you and keep you right where they want to.

The beats, synths, pads, and vocals all come together with such a forward moving and fluent approach, and this is part of what lets the songs feel alive and breathing as they sort of swim around through the air that surrounds you.

There are more than a few surprises around some of the corners of this record and a lot of attention to detail but through it all, it never loses that deepening character and persona that it portrays from the start, and I think that that's something a lot of records are missing these days so to come across it again in such a lush style is refreshing.

Even the songs that have a real driving synth wave style to them also have that ambient tonality that gives the songs a sort of gigantic atmosphere and the whole record is such a beautiful form of escapism even through all of its edginess and almost gothic undertone.

When you listen to the whole record, you're able to escape from your reality for a good chunk of time and that's something that is a gift that certain music can give, and this record is a perfect example of exactly that.

Also, this amazing balance dynamically between the energies and the textures of the song and how everything blends together and grows in intensity when they need to.

There are musical swells here and these are the aspects that draw you in and keep you waiting for the next surprise.

The album is certainly not without its catchy hooks as well and those hooks do absolutely stick with you for a very long time.

The thing about this release is that you need to listen to it from start to finish to soak it in the way it was meant to be and it's not a super long record either.

It's 15 tracks but it's still under an hour and when you put on some headphones and listen to the record as a whole you get engulfed by everything and in the end, washed away as well.

Soundscapes delivered are full-bodied and have layers to be peeled back and you don't get all of that if you just listen to one or two songs.

This is the type of record that you want to get washed away with because it feels good to do it and when it's over you have to shake it off and snap yourself back into your reality again.

It sounded like they had so much fun making this record because that actually comes through in the songs themselves and in the music but again, it has this great dark and cinematic vastness to it that lets you feel certain songs in your bones.

The depth of this release is outstanding and I'm definitely going to be looking out for whatever comes from these guys next.

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