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A New Single Release from One More Weekend Has Arrived

A new single release from One More Weekend delivers a colorful but very honest approach with a unique blend of pop rock, post punk, and more, all done with this very particular sort of character that you end up getting really attached to so that you're drawn into the story and premise of the song itself.

"Unaware" comes through lush with beautiful pop overtones and there are more than a few hooks throughout this track musically along with the courses of the track that end up sticking with you for hours or even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the track again which in my opinion is smart songwriting, but I think that this band just does that naturally.

I can definitely hear a lot of different sorts of influences coming through in this track and it all works very well because you have an upswing, and vibrant energy to the track which at times even feels like it was recorded live on the floor and everyone in the band was just feeding off of each other the whole time.

I love this aspect of it because it adds a life to the track that already is robust with character and along with this whole soundscape you also get such a deep sort of groove that makes you want to dance.

This is the type of track that feels like you've heard it somewhere before because it's got this almost warm and familiar tonality which lets the song feel incredibly welcoming but the thing that grabbed at me was the way the lyrics were delivered and what they were telling in terms of a story because you are getting a vocalist that wears his heart on his sleeves with this track and that is something that really helped paint a picture for the song.

There are also so many great sections and bursts of excitement that deliver this sort of electric energy as well which brings me back to the whole live performance vibe again but either way, this is a very memorable song that delivers such a great array of influences all under one roof.

Along with the single comes it's a company music video and this did an amazing job of showcasing even more of the band's personality and character as you watch them rock out and do their thing, you can see them visually get into those bursts of energy and you also get a lot of the front man doing his thing in front of the camera so that you can pull in all of what he's saying while he's singing.

This was the kind of track that came through with a perfect blend of color and edginess, energy and charisma, outstanding composition and arrangement, and a sound that comes across tight as a band, but with these little elements of looseness that show that these guys are youthful and know how to have fun with what they're doing.

Clearly, this is a track performed by a group of guys who have a pure love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing their instruments or singing, I mean writing songs together that have an impact and putting them out into the world so people can soak them in.

This is certainly a track that you will be able to relate to and it will indeed get stuck in your head.

Check this out when you get a chance, and you won't soon be disappointed.

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