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A New Single from The Lethargics Makes Perfect Sense

A new single release from The Lethargics brings out a very important message that comes through with descriptive lyrics and a vast southern-kissed rock undertone that all has a certain kind of heart and passion to it as it delivers a character you just get pulled right into.

"Habitat for Insanity" is the kind of song that stays with you for a very long time after you hear it because it has a way of just speaking this truth and because of that it's so incredibly understandable and relatable.

A lot is going on in the world right now and there's plenty to deal with in terms of who we are as people and our societal obligations, and there's so much information coming at us at all times that it feels overwhelming at times.

Between social media, the media in general, society, government and so much more, at times it does indeed feel like a habitat for insanity, and these are the kinds of thoughts that a lot of us have on an almost normal basis.

This track doesn't only boast a truth someone certainly needed to get off their chest, but it's performed with this very particular energy and persona that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

It's one of the things I adore about this song is the energy because while it does have that sort of dark and cinematic backbone to it, the performances feel like the players are feeding off of each other almost like it's live and that's the kind of thing that feels like it's hard to capture on record so listening to this track makes you want to see the band live in person.

There are elements about this track that have a great vastness to them, and this is part of what makes you pay so much attention to the lyrics of it while the music takes you for a little bit of a journey and this to me is kind of an escape from your surroundings because songs like this make you think.

The guitars have a great time in twang to them. They ring out as they need to so they can create that sort of fast undertone and the vocals have a great raspy grit to them and they have a way of grabbing your attention.

I think we need more music like this in the world just because no matter what the genre, music that comes from any sort of emotional drive and makes enough sense to make you think about the topic in the premise of it is really important.

This is the kind of music that serves as a form of art to be able to send a message of an almost tense undertone that a lot of the time, we can all feel but are not able to articulate into words let alone music so when you hear a song like this you connect with it.

This was a wonderfully woven single performed with a lot of heart and a beautiful blend of textures and rock.

Take a listen to this one with headphones on so you can soak it in the way it was meant to be.

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