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A New Single and Video from Afrocity Music

A new single and video release from Afrocity Music come through with a tasteful and colorful approach that has a certain kind of flare to it and shows a little love for the money as the track boasts this reggaeton feel crossed with an R&B and hip-hop soundscape and a lot of this has such a charismatic approach that you can't look away.

"Taste The Money" features Chuck City and Rlynex and it was very smart collaboration because everyone has a different persona to put into the track which makes it very vivacious and comes through with a blissful energy that you just get attached to right away.

This is the type of track you can hear on the radio or in the club as well because it's extremely danceable and it's got that perfect little edginess to it that makes you want to get up and move your body.

That rhythm is deep and fun.

The accompanying music video for the single shows even more of everyone's character as they dance around and flash paper money but do so with such a joyous and smooth feel that you feel like you're watching your friends do it all.

There's something a little bit welcoming about that.

This is most definitely a party song and the video expresses that even further because everyone's clearly having a great time shooting this, so you know that they had a great time recording it as well and that's the kind of love that comes through in the music itself.

This song was endlessly fun as was the music video itself and by the end, you want to just go party with them all because they're having such a good time, and you just want to be a part of it.

This song shows such charisma and edgy but warm sort of energy, and you end up really wanting more of it by the time it has ended.

This is the kind of track that you can turn nice and loud and the higher the volume, the more fun you'll end up having.

If you're driving in the car, you'll end up shaking your butt in the seat. If you're listening to this at home, you'll end up dancing around the living room without a doubt.

Everything about this track is completely infectious and I think we need more songs that just hit this vibe because it's a summer track.

Summer is supposed to be about having a good time and this song serves as a perfect soundtrack for just that.

We popped the music video below so you can check it out and once you do have to just check out more of the project.

This is a group that has a real love for their craft and they do it as a pure passion project.

I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 hands down.

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