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A new release from Samsara Hits Hard

A new track released from SAMSARA. takes a heavy guitar tone and brings along a deep classic rock groove that comes together to create something that hits you like a sucker punch to the gut and leaves you wanting more.

One of the things that really hit so hard about this track and his band is the fact that everything feels like a live performance as the energy is through the roof the entire time and never lets up even for a second.

There's a graceful brutality about this track that feels sharp but also has this rumbling depth to it and the riff is what drives the song all the way home from start to finish.

The base tone is spot on and gives an almost punk rock feel in terms of that tone itself, but this track has a heavy alternative rock approach with a high speed and a fire that burns super-hot.

The drumming is an insanely pertinent and key element to this track because it's not just straight up, everything's in the pocket yes, but there's loads of sick fills and all kinds of attributes to that performance that allow the song to feel alive and breathing the way it does.

A lot about this song does feel like people are feeding off of each other's energies and that's what gives it that live performance soundscape at times.

There's no click track, and there's no exact steady pace so the song has this breathing element to it where when things get more excitable the riff goes a little bit faster the drums smash a little bit harder.

These are the things that stick out to me with this track and how when it's over you kind of feel like you just got whiplash.

It makes you want to start the song over just to be able to soak it in again.

That riff is really something and the way that they perform it is done with a particular kind of heart that gives it as much color as it does energy.

The vocals are perfectly balanced with the dynamic of the rest of the music because it's got a certain swagger or attitude to it that balances out with that super heaviness that it's singing along with but the vocals themselves have a melodic and almost soulful feel to them.

I love how at times; the vocals actually follow the guitar melodies or vice versa and this is clearly done by a band that has a real love for what they're doing.

This makes me want to go see them live just to be able to capture that energy performed in my face.

This release leaves you feeling different and if you listen to it first thing in the morning it gets your blood pumping like no other.

If you're a guitar player, this track will make you want to pick up the guitar and try and learn that crazy riff.

Either way, this was a killer release from a band that you should be keeping an eye out for.

It's very rare that I say the louder you turn it, the better it gets but for this track that's the absolute truth.

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