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A new release from Below 7

Below 7 was founded by Jarrod, Eric, Lance, Scotty and Todd. It started as a way for the long-time friends to unwind and to share their love of music. What began as a simple cover band morphed into a completely unique beast when the band reunited two years ago. Some Below 7 members have been playing on and off together since high school, and in their own bands as well, but it wasn't until Below 7 was reborn in 2016 that everything just fell into place. They started writing their own music, and what came next was pure magic. Below 7 is heavily influenced by such greats as Godsmack, Alice in Chains and Rob Zombie. The modern rock quintet has a solid sound that anyone can relate to and their music speaks to the deepest aspects of your soul with very little effort. The band states that “listening to them feels as natural as if they've been the soundtrack of your life all along.” You know those songs that get stuck in your head? The kind that you find yourself singing over and over again, the kind that you never get sick of hearing? That's Below 7. on bass, Scotty on rhythm guitar and Todd on lead. The band’s album Crashing Down was released by Pavement Entertainment. Reviewed here are two tracks - “Nothing to Prove” and “Twenty 7.” “Nothing to Prove” offers heavy, heart pulsating distorted guitars (with a great chuga-chuga-chuga riff), melodic bass lines and rock vocal harmonies. All around, this is a heavy song and production-wise, the mix of instruments was very well done. My fist impression is, if you like bands such as Nickelback, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots, you’re going to like these guys. Next is “Twenty 7” and this one features a good balance of heavy and clean guitars, a muddy, heavy rhythm section (but not muddy in a bad way), and a somewhat slower tempo than the last song. There’s also a great, soulful guitar solo. This tune reminded me more of grunge, comparable to bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Lyrically, the words are about “coming back home to you” like say, after one gets their kicks out in life, but then realizes sometime after that they’re just playing with fire - they want to come back to a place of safety and peace. If you like heavy metal and rock, with soulful lyrics, then I think you’ll enjoy Below 7.

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