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A Massive New Single From Mott & Krid

If you are not yet too familiar with Mot & Krid, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the project has just released a new single that creates a big and heavy-handed rock atmosphere that hits certain theatrical sweet spots and has a way of feeling alive and breathing.

"Electric Angel" has a lot of aspects to it that allow it to push the envelope ever so slightly but one of the best elements about it is its combination of natural and digital instrumentation and how those elements together create something that's packed with emotion and energy.

The keys and electronic parts of the song are always there and build an almost flowing and floating feel behind everything but up front, you have an alternative or even metal guitar sound that's brought in combination with these beautifully performed vocals that create this graceful beauty as well.

It's really great to hear this sort of orchestral and dark-edged rock work the way it does here because it's very unique but also has a way of keeping that drive the whole time.

It's very easy to fall into all the song has to offer and it has a great way of being able to create these visuals that pop into your head throughout the song.

This one hits hard and is definitely a bit of a surprise in terms of how the song grows and what it turns into. By the time it hits that first chorus you kind of get blown away by it.

This is the sort of track that you play twice in a row when you first hear it just because you want to be able to catch everything.

Dive into "Electric Angel" from Mot & Krid when you get a chance because you won't soon regret it. And turn it up when you do.

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