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A Massive New Doom-Rock and grunge Single from Gadfly

A recent single release from Gadfly hits with a massive doom rock tonality and riff that breaks out into these explosive heavy sections and exhales down into more subtle and vast undertones before resurfacing back into these gigantic heavy rock jams and it all creates such a crazy atmosphere and experience that you just end up getting engulfed in it all.

"Spine Stabber" has such an amazing guitar tone to it and such an outstanding level of energy that it feels like a live performance as if everyone in the band is just feeding off of each other the entire time and this is something that makes you want to see the band live because if they can capture this kind of energy on record then catching this in a live performance right in your face would just be face melting.

This is a mammoth of a track that's over 7 minutes long and for good reason.

This track goes through those massive swells and sways so the whole thing feels like it's alive and breathing and its own way and this is something that you don't get often but here it's like this vivacious combination of classic rock, grunge, heavy metal, alternative rock, and this edgy and doomish underbelly that lets the whole thing just drip with character.

The way the song was arranged his everything here and it was definitely done with attention to detail but I feel like it was natural because the whole thing has such a forward-moving flow to it and throughout it all, it never loses that heavy passion or Persona that it began within the first place which might be the most important part of the whole thing.

I love tracks with riffs that stick with you long after the song has ended because that's the kind of stuff I grew up with and you can hear those classic influences in there.

You have that vintage undertone in the whole sound of the track almost like a classic Sabbath track.

But this vastness hits just as hard in different sections of the song and these huge jamming sections with layers of guitars that feed into each other and complement each other the whole time.

Perhaps this track was actually recorded live on the floor.

Of course, I can never be sure of that unless the band confirms however, it feels that way because it's just so vivacious and vibrant impactful, packed with character and charisma, and you can just tell everyone is loving the vibe because that's what it puts out.

You can tell this is something that is a passion project and was done for the love of doing it.

This was a massive doom rock banger and it's something that keeps that certain kind of grunge undertone but goes beyond that and feels more expansive.

Upon listening to this track, I had to listen to some of the other releases that they let loose and luckily, they had a pretty good library of singles EPs, and even full-length albums released on Spotify since 2021.

There's a lot to soak in here and I suggest you do it nice and Loud the way it was meant to be heard.

As far as I understand they're set to release more songs this year and possibly even another full album so keep your eye out for Gadfly. 

I certainly will be.

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