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A Killer Album Release From Melodraw

The latest album release from Melodraw brings out a vivacious late '90s underground alternative and indie rock soundscape that hits that aesthetic so perfectly that the songs actually feel a little bit nostalgic at times along with an invasively energetic performance and memorable guitar work through and through.

The Erratic Wave album has such a unique sort of energy that it feels like you're watching a live performance right in your face and the players in the band are just feeding off of each other the entire time.

You can hear influences of grunge, indie rock, classic rock, and tons more just bursting through the seams of this record, and with each of those influences, they push the envelope ever so slightly enough for you to grasp what they're trying to do here.

These tracks are gritty and riddled with character and attitude which gives the whole thing this great vibe from beginning to end and although there are a few singles that stick out well for me, listening to this record from start to finish is an absolute must.

This is mainly because these tracks each have a little bit of a different persona every time and there are surprises around the corners so listening to just a few songs won't cut it if you want to get the feel for what this band is all about.

The choruses and hooks are super heavy and delivered with immense sonic drive and presence and it all carries with it this infectious feeling so it's really easy to just escape it to this record for a good chunk of time.

I love how these guys carry a certain pop influence with their destructive rock and riffs that leave their mark and bounce around in your head for hours after the songs have ended.

A lot of these are catchy but in different ways.

Some of them are catchier hook and guitar-wise, while others are catchier vocally and melodically.

I also adore the fact that there are organs in some of these songs filling that space and giving the tracks a sort of eerie element at certain times .

The whole record is endlessly fun and it really has a way of getting your blood pumping and wanting to see these guys perform live.

I've got the feeling it would be quite a face-melting experience but in the best way possible.

I mean, you can sing along with these songs, jump around the living room at free will, headband, hair guitar, everything.

They just have this drive that makes you want to be a part of it all.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of these songs have this 90s rock kind of feel to them but I don't mean a radio rock per se.

I mean more of the kind of rock that you'd find in magazines and read about and then go to LimeWire to download their singles.

Some of you may be way too young to remember that but back in the day, there were a lot of places where you'd be able to find singles and download them for free but it would take forever.

You'd find these songs by reading about them in certain magazines and that was part of the fun.

These guys remind me of one of those bands.

But, they also have elements of some of the radio rock that was on it during the time. Like the Toadies for example.

Either way, put this record on as soon as you can.

I mean it. This article is over. Now go play this record and turn it up because you won't regret it.

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